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Ultrafiber Automated Dispenser


UltraFiber500® Dispenser

Our exclusive automated dispenser puts an end to dangerous loading practices such as throwing bags or climbing on top of mixing trucks, so the chance of injury and associated costs are minimized. And ready-mix producers report that jobs can be completed 5-10 minutes faster with the dispenser, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

Reliable and Efficient Operation

The standard dispenser is composed of a waterproof bin capable of holding 1000 lbs of fiber, a motor-driven flexible auger, and a timing system for automated or integrated operation. It utilizes 600-lb. super-sized bags for high-volume loading, which results in time savings on every job.

Enhanced Safety

Integrating the dispenser into your operations helps eliminate potential injuries caused by lifting and throwing bags or climbing on trucks for loading. By reducing the chance of injury, you could save thousands every year on down time and medical expenses.

Greater Precision and Quality

Product amounts are metered precisely into the mix for correct dosage every time. With batch ticket confirmation on every load, there’s no need for batch operators to leave their stations for any worry that trucks will leave for a job without fiber. The system will link directly to most integrated control systems including but not limited to Command Alkon systems. Make sure you have the correct dosage of fiber every time.


  • Height: 10’ 8”

  • Length/Width: 9’x 9’

  • Base size: 12’ x 12’

  • Feed rate: 15 lbs/minute

  • Capacity: 1000lbs

  • Auger length: up to 100’

  • Auger angle: maximum of 60°


  • Flexible auger allows for easy routing of dispenser discharge

  • Low level bin indicator

  • Camera at discharge point.

Customer Requirements:

  • Concrete slab

  • Electricity for 115v 8amp motor

  • Electrician and welder at installation

  • Connecting to control panel

  • Compressed air

Foolproof Operation:

  • Easy loading into bin

  • Simple feeding into auger

  • Convenient configuration

  • Rugged electric motor

  • Precise high-volume discharge

  • Automated or integrated controls

Ultrafiber Dispenser